Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh, Baby,Baby,Baby,Baby!

I had so much FUN watching my friends babies the other night!! Yes, babies! FOUR cute, beautiful, cute, wonderful, cute, happy, cute, sweet, and I'll say it again... CUTE babies!! William, Joseph, Sarah, Leah. Stacy's sister Amy had quadruplets in October 2008. WOW, I know! Amy needed some help so that she could go to their extended family night this past Monday, since she hasn't been able to go for a while. And they chose me! I got to go and help! YEAH!!! Amy has a lot of help from family, neighbors, her ward family, but on Monday there was no one to help. So, Stacy called me in the morning, and my other girl friends, Sheila and Sharon to help. I was so excited!!! To babysit!! Yes, it was so awesome!! I could not be sick or bring my own kids, NO PROBLEMO!!! Then all day I kept worrying about all the little things, oh- I sneezed~ am I sick? I just coughed~am I sick? Gabers has been sick all week and still has a runny nose~am I sick, can I go? Am I going to get there on time? Oh My goodness!!! I was telling everyone I work with that I was going to babysit, calling my mom, boy I am CRAZY!!! I was so excited and in such a great mood literally all day!!!!!
I got there with the biggest smile on my face! Amy's hubby Jared answered the door with Joseph in his arms and off I went! I was going to be a Super Mom!!! Yeah, right! WHATEVER!!I got sterilized, sanitized, and surprised! I held Joseph and listened to instructions and was trying to process everything and remember things. WOW!!! All I can say is WOW!!! They really are organized and everything was like clock work. The babies were so cute and it was really fun! We all were overwhelmed, but it was ok. Sharon was the pro I think, she was the super mom! Me with and my arm, Sheila with her arm, just having surgery, we make a great team. We were struggling a little here and there and I was thankful to have help and to have Jared there. We handled it and made it work! :) Things were a little crazy when one baby cried, another one cried. diaper changes, watching the monitor for William, keeping Leah comfortable, playing and talking with them all. I was wanting to multi task and help every baby all at once, but each of us helped one at a time and follow instructions to help keep things clean and organized with all the cuties!! Tried!! Really, I tried and I thought we did a good job. Hope Jared and Amy think so too! It really was great! Now that I know better what to do, I would totally do it again. I'm so impressed with Amy and Jared! They are super parents!! I love there family and was so happy to help. I appreciate more what families with twins, triplets, quads, etc. go thru!! I'm thankful for the chance I had to help and LOVE LOVE LOVE those cute babies!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GQ turns 90!!!

Quintes Lindsay Wilson was born February 9, 1918 in Ogden Utah. My dad and his brothers decided to throw him a party. GQ did not want presents or even a cake! He wanted friends, family and cookies and Ice cream! So, being 90 yrs old, he got it!!! We rushed home after work to get the kids and took them over to GQ's house in West Valley. We got to visit and see him so happy and full of life! It was cool! He is doing a memory book and we were able to read some things from the book. I learned that his built his first home. Awesome!! He and Grandma Alda slept under the stars for a while because they did not have a roof! A little romantic, until it rains!! He is very handy and crafty. Loves taking care of others, helping in every way and will do ANYTHING for anyone!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! Gabers told me that he had a new girlfriend too. He told me that a pretty lady was there and that he told her that she looked beautiful and that she looked good today. I found out later that the pretty lady was Grandma Golda's granddaughter. What a love muffin! Randa hung out with the other older kids and kept asking to play GQ's WII. She got over it after we brought out the Ice cream! Bodie was cute as always. Giving loves and kisses and giving bones to everyone. We had to leave after realizing it was bed time and the kids were so bummed! We gave loves to everyone and time to go! We had a good time and I'm glad we were able to see everyone too. I sure hope we can have a little bit longer to enjoy and bet with GQ. We love him so much!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GQ!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Drama level at moderate this week!

Can't believe the weeks over! I'm glad that it went fast!!! Let's see what can I tell you happened this week???

Bodie got his head stuck in the stair railing! Panic!! He was freaking out and we couldn't get his head out. I was freaking out!! We ended up pulling the rail almost to the breaking point, and I pulled his head out and POP!!!! his ears fell off!!! LOL-just kiddin! His ears were bright read and started swelling. I gave him loves and he was so scared and upset for about 2 hours. It was so sad!!

Gabers didn't pee the bed 4 nights this week. I hope he's almost there!! I'm tired of changing the stinky sheets and buying pull-ups! He had a good week at DC and only was in time out once. Hopefully, by the end of today it won't be another. He wanted treats everyday and he did eat his dinner every night! YEA!!! Love that cute boy!!
Randa got some good grades this semester. A in math!!! Finally, she gets it and loves it!! A in Reading!YES!!! Love reading too! And a C+ in Spelling. WHHHATTT???? She bombed the last few tests and the teach could tell she had been slacking! So were going to get buzzing that bee again!
And finally before I forget, she took my IPOD to school and got it taken away!!!! TWO WEEKS AGO!! Where am I? I got lost in the week and just didn't take the time to figure it out, DUR!! The first thing the teach said to me as we sat down for PTC Wednesday. Oh my Goodness!! I was picking up my jaw and could not believe that my Randa Roo Panda, took my IPOD and knew she was not to touch it! IT IS MINE!!! MY MUSIC!!!MINE!MY IPOD!!!(lol- going ROSS on you for a sec) Anyway, looking at Randa she was bright RED and embarrassed! The teach and I continued to tell her naughty, naughty, etc. GOODNESS!! Way to start the PTC!! I was soon calmed down seeing how good she it doing and how much she has improved and really, she's a great student. SO, she knows now not to touch the IPOD for sure! I made her write a persuasive essay for me why I'm upset about the IPOD and what she can to for me. So tuff I know!!! She's going to be grounded from the TV, the Nintendo DS, the Wii, and doing to game night, no allowance and MAN! GRRRRR!!! I could go on and on.... but really am I truly going to follow through?? Yea, you know me too well!!
So, happy its Friday and looking forward to Guitar Hero to reassure me and to sleep in past 7 am, and going to a Baby shower Saturday. Hopefully I can get together w/ my girlfirends and have some girly time! But FAMILY time is good too?
Lots of Love and Kisses!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Just new to this Blogging thing, I'm not very good at the computer stuff yet. I'm looking forward to learning, posting and getting my pictures uploaded soon!!!

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday weekend and may Giuitar Hero tell you that YOU ROCK!!!!